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Mercedes-Benz S-class

Mercedes-Benz S-class Malaga Airport Spain

Mercedes-Benz S-class

from 300€

For more than four decades, the Mercedes S-Class has set the standard for luxury and cutting-edge technology. This latest, sixth-generation car is the best yet as it continues to be a showcase for the brand’s latest hi-tech developments. And that’s not all: sleek new looks mean the Mercedes S-Class is more desirable than ever, plus it gets a completely overhauled cabin design.

There are fewer relaxing experiences than driving the S-Class. Vibrations through the pedals and steering wheel are non-existent, and even at motorway speeds you won’t hear any wind or tyre roar. All the engines are fantastic but it’s amazing that Mercedes can offer a diesel-electric hybrid offering more than 60mpg, or even a standard V6 diesel with 50mpg. For the ultimate in speed an S63 and S65 AMG are on the way, or if you want an S-Class that emits less CO2 than a Toyota Prius then wait for the S500 Plug-in Hybrid, which is due in early 2014.

The S350 diesel is our pick thanks to its super smooth and quiet engine combined with seriously quick in-gear acceleration and it will make up the vast majority of sales in the UK. Apparently 0-62mph takes 6.8 seconds but it genuinely feels much faster than that. The most recent addition to the line-up is the S300, which combines a frugal four-cylinder diesel and electric motor to blend the effortless performance limousine buyers expect with supermini running costs.

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