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Conditions générales

Requirements for hiring a vehicle

  • A valid passport.
  • International driving permit.

Age restrictions

  • The driver of the vehicle mus be at least 26 years of age.
  • Minimum 2 year experience.
  • In case you are under 26 years of age, a special insurance can be issued.


All vehicles are insured against all risks with a deductible of 3,000 € to 15,000 €.

Security deposit

When hiring a vehicle it is necessary to make a security deposit, the amount of which depends on the model of the selected vehicle.

  • From 3000 € to 15000 € depending on the brand.
  • Amount of deposit is blocked on a credit card.
  • Unlocking of the deposit shall be executed 5 to 8 days after the vehicle is returned.

Dos Optimos Exclusive Rentals has the right to retain the security deposit from the client in case of

  • Damage to the vehicle.
  • Vehicle theft.


  • The client shall be fully liable for traffic violations – speeding, parking in the wrong places – and pay for their own fines and fees.
  • In the case of vehicle breakdown caused by the client, Diamovit Exclusive Rentals entitled to deduct the cost of downtime, equal to the period of time taken for repairs.

Forms of payment

Cash, credit cards, VISA and Master Card.

Return time

1 rental day is 24 hours, so the car must be returned in the same time. In case of delayed return of the vehicle by more than two hours, the client pays for one additional day of car rental.

Extension of Lease Agreement

In case of prolongation of the contract, an additional agreement must be signed.


After booking a car, 20% of the rental cost will be charged to your credit card. Cancellations less than 48 hours cancellation penalty equal to the amount of bail.


  • Restrictions on the daily run of 200 km, additional mileage will be charged at the rate of 2 € to 6 € per 1 km (depending on the vehicle).
  • Travel outside of Andalusia is possible if the corresponding entry in the Rental Contract is made.
  • Technical condition, the amount of gasoline and mileage recorded at the time of the transfer and return the car in the presence of the client.


  • Vehicle must be returned with the same amount of gasoline with which it was transferred to the lessee. Otherwise, an additional charge, which at the request of the client can be deducted from the security deposit or paid when returning the vehicle.
  • The penalty for the use of other types of fuel - 300 €.

Force Majeure

  • If the car can not be provided for technical reasons, Dos Optimos guarantees a replacement vehicle of that class or a class above, with no additional changes in the cost of rent.
  • For our clients – 24 hour support in english.

Limitations when using

  • Do not use the car in sports. Do not use the car for business purposes, to transport animals, do not transfer control of the car to other people not included in the contract, do not drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and/or medication, do not overload the vehicle, do not tow another vehicle or ride in tow, do not use vehicle for training driving.
  • For violations of these rules, Dos Optimos has the right to demand and end to the use and return of the vehicle.

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